Celebrity Workouts Jake Gyllenhaal’s Workout

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Workout

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Mark Wahlberg’s Workout

watterMark Wahlberg has had quite a strange running of careers in his life. He started of his big time career as a rapper back in 1991 with his band who were called “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” – being part of this band helped him get some recognition on the music channel VH1 where he was named the number 1 hottest hotty of the 90′s.

Daniel Craig Workout and Diet

watterDaniel Craig was never too well known in the movie business, but his fame would spiral out of control after he landed the role of James Bond in the modern adaptations of the series. Daniels smooth acting skills have given him a reputation across the globe, and it’s no lie that the women are literally falling at their feet for the guy.

Julianne Hough Diet

watterAt just 22 years of age, Julianne Hough has already achieved a lot, and is starting to make a big name for herself. She is an American born girl and has had great success with ballroom dancing where she has become a two time winner of the TV show Dancing with the Stars. Not only has she been on TV, but she has also signed up to a record label due to her fascinating modern country voice.